Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?

Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After three full weeks of the college football season and two in the NFL, who's saying what?

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Kent Taylor, Sports Director (Follow on Twitter)
While I thoroughly enjoyed watching my Denver Broncos beat Kendrick Haskins' favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, I also don't read too much into a Week 2 win. I have always been a fan of Trevor Siemian. When he's healthy, he is more than capable of leading a productive offense. The Broncos did everything they could in the offseason to give former first-round pick Paxton Lynch a shot to win the starting job, and Siemian beat him out again. Their defense is as good as advertised, led by Von Miller and the best secondary in the NFL. However, in a division with the Raiders and Chiefs, I'm still not sure the Broncos will even make the playoffs.

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Kendrick Haskins, Sports Reporter (Follow on Twitter)
After watching another week of bad quarterback play in the NFL, I'm still amazed that people think Colin Kaepernick is out of the league because he can't play the position. By now, we all know that's not true. Scott Tolzien started Game 1 for the Indianapolis Colts for crying out loud. If  you're going to argue that that guy deserves a chance to play over Kaepernick, then you should be banned from watching football.

I'm not going to fight with people who don't like his form of protest, because people are set on their stance on that situation, and no one is listening to the other side. Besides, when they show the national anthem being played while you're sitting at home, how many of you actually stand up? The argument that his stance on sitting -- which, by the way, he has said he will no longer sit during the anthem -- will upset each team's fan base is a tired argument. What about the fans who want him on the team, or does their voice not matter?

Two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, have both stated that Kaepernick deserves to be in the league. At the same time, Kaepernick has to help himself, to an extent. I don't think he should have to pledge his allegiance to the league any more than the next player. However, he can't have situations like the one where reportedly his girlfriend posted a picture depicting the owner of the Baltimore Ravens as a slave owner when that very same owner was considering signing Kaepernick. I'm sorry, but that's extremely immature.

Eventually, one of the owners will value winning more than a PR hit that will only last for a few weeks, and sign Kaepernick. Especially if that owner feels like his team can make a playoff run and his starting quarterback gets injured. Until then, the Jets, Browns, Colts, Bengals and the rest of the winless teams can enjoy their 0-2 records with poor quarterback play.

John Boel, Anchorman (Follow on Twitter)
I've heard a ton of UofL bashing so far this week, words like "quit" and "didn't show up." The whole story isn't always in the final score. Take a look at some other numbers: Clemson only had four more first downs than UofL – 25 to 21. UofL threw for one more yard than Clemson – 317 to 316. Now consider a comparison with the unbeatable team Clemson beat four games ago in the national championship. Alabama was doubled up in first-down differential – 16 to Clemson's 31. Alabama put up 376 yards total offense against Clemson, compared to UofL's 433 on Saturday. Come on, bashers. Chill.

William Leiss, Research Director
It was already stupid to move one NFL team to Los Angeles; moving a second team there made no sense. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The attendance for the two Los Angeles teams is already a joke. I do not know what these owners were thinking. Just because a market is big does not mean it is viable for your product. The Rams and Chargers were best off staying put in their respective cities instead of moving. I think the media beat the drum about bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles not because it actually made sense, but because the media wanted the NFL back there.

Annie Moore, Digital Content Producer (Follow on Twitter)
Nebraska football coach Mike Riley should update his LinkedIn page. All Nebraskans have in the way of sports is football. When we think of powerhouses like Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama and any other program that doesn't tolerate mediocrity, Nebraska is no longer mentioned. But the social and sports landscape in the Cornhusker State is centered around Lincoln, where 90,000 crazed fans in red descend on Tom Osborne Field every Saturday. The tailgates are legendary and the program is steeped in tradition and passion, but a 21-17 home loss to Northern Illinois is a resume-updating event for any head coach.

John P. Wise, Director of Digital Media (Follow on Twitter)
+ Good college football programs are a dime a dozen. Elite status is what they're all fighting for. And if you take away UofL's drubbing of Florida State 12 months ago, the Cards are merely a good program. Heck, if you do count that 63-20 defeat of FSU, Louisville is just a good program. And there's nothing wrong with that. But local sports radio callers -- hosts, even -- need to take their medicine and realize that UofL isn't ready to beat elite teams, much less be an elite team.

+ During last night's Monday Night Football broadcast, I learned that Brandon Marshall is the first player in league history to make the Pro Bowl with four different teams. That's about as dubious an achievement as Crash Davis' all-time minor league home run record. When you have incredible talent, sometimes it's not enough. Marshall clearly has grown up in recent years -- and I know he's dealt with mental-health issues -- but having been a bad apple in previous stops will never not tarnish his legacy.

+ Kyrie Irving is really disappointing this Cleveland Cavaliers fan. In an interview with  ESPN on Monday, when asked if he communicated with the best player on the planet his desire to be traded, he replied with, "Why would I have to?" There are many things we do, not because we have to, but just because they are the right things to do. If you want to act like a professional and a grown man, and you value having the respect of your peers off the court just as much as on it, you stand up and you tell LeBron James, the guy who won you a championship ring, that you've told management that you are seeking a trade.

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