Study reveals how happy we are in WAVE Country

Study reveals how happy we are in WAVE Country

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Who doesn't want to be happy? We all do, right? Maybe work has you down or family problems. Either way, finding happiness can sometimes be tough. According to a new study, a lot of us in WAVE Country are reportedly feeling down.

The financial website,, ranked the happiest states. Emotional health, income level, depression rates, and sports participation were all factors in ranking each state. According to the website, people in Minnesota are the happiest people in America. Next are Utah, Hawaii, California, and Nebraska. People in these states reportedly get more sleep, volunteer more, and have lower divorce rates.

West Virginia came in last on the list as the least happiest state in the U.S., followed by Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Kentucky cracked the top 10 least happiest states, coming in at 44th. Indiana ranks 34th.

According to the website, Kentuckians don't sleep enough or participate in enough sports. These factors and others suggest only 41 percent of Kentuckians are actually happy.

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