A local boxer competes for his first title

At 28 years old, Yunier Valdes is fighting his second professional fight.

"Well we're definitely trying to look for a knockout, I'm not gonna tell you what's gonna happen but we're definitely looking for it," said Yunier Valdes.

Valdes who fought 5 amateur fights in his native country of Cuba, left it all behind when he came to America at age 13 to focus on baseball and soccer until now.

His manager and trainer Kelley Mays said, "We met in the gym and I put him in with a pro, I haven't seen anyone like that who hasn't fought in over 14 years handle himself.  He's just a truly gifted athlete."

Kelley Mays who's been on the boxing scene all his life here in Louisville has been training Valdes, also known as the Latin Assassin, for the past 8 months.

"He should be 3-0 right now but two people have pulled out," said Mays.

His competitor this Friday Cesar Vega is not backing out as they compete in the first ever Kentucky Latin American Welterweight Championship.

"He's got like 27 pro fights and I only have one but he called me a rookie so I think my coach and I can handle ourselves pretty well, so he will see that Latin Assassin on Friday," said Valdes.

The Latin Assassin goes for the Kentucky Latin American Welter Weight championship this Friday at Shelby County fairgrounds at 8pm.