Vince Tyra's mother may be biggest Cards fan in the family

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was the most talked about comment from Vince Tyra's introductory news conference.

The acting vice president of athletics at UofL said this about his mother, "My mom yells at that basketball team like my dad's still on the court, she's passionate, coming to every football game at 80 years old."

Sibby Tyra just turned 80 on August 6, and the mother of five says her son speaks the truth.

"Well, I think I've become quieter, but I was bad, when my kids played I was horrible," Sibby said.

She doesn't just yell to yell, she just doesn't tolerate lack of effort.

"I get on them about rebounding more than anything, because I know that they're not rebounding and I know there's a way that they can learn a better way to rebound," she said, adding, "it's anticipation of where the ball is going to come off the rim and I just give them heck."

She does know a little about rebounding, her late husband, Vince's dad, Charlie Tyra, is still the all-time leading rebounder in Cards history. Charlie averaged 22 a game one year, and he'd be proud to see his son is such a prominent position at UofL.

"Well first he'd probably faint, but, like I almost did, you know, he would be real thrilled, I know," she said.

Sibby loves UofL sports, and attends most basketball and football home games. She sits in the third row at the KFC YUM! Center and at the 40 yard line at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Don't expect to see her with her son in some luxury suite.

"Well you talk, you eat, and you don't see the game, I like watching the game, so I like my seats in the open, down there watching, I'm a sport nut," Sibby said.

She's also listening to sports radio stations to monitor what they're saying about her son.

"Well so far they haven't given him any problem. Everybody seems to like him and they should, he's a good guy, mom says so."

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