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Nurse goes to Puerto Rico to search for mother, delivers baby

Robert Tirado (Source: WAVE 3 News) Robert Tirado (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A nursing student studying at UofL experienced a bit more than he expected to on a trip to find his mother in Puerto Rico. 

Robert Tirado was waiting anxiously to hear from his loved ones in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria tore through his hometown of Cabo Rojo. 

Tirado arrived in the United States three months ago to pursue a nursing program at Norton Healthcare but as he studied for board certification, he was waiting to hear that his mother was safe after Hurricane Maria. 

"As I was here, I was trying to make any contact to find my mom and I couldn't," Tirado said.

Friends started getting calls their family members were safe. Eight days then went by. 

"As the days went, I start hoping to God that I would get a phone call," Tirado said. "And I didn't."

He decided he had to go to Puerto Rico. After days of travel, he finally made it to Cabo Rojo to find his house still standing and his mom alive. 

"My mom was on the couch happy as heck to see me," Tirado said. 

After only 45 minutes of being home to check on his mother, Tirado started to hear loud screams coming from down the street. Tirado followed the screams and it led him to 18-year-old Jessica and her father in two inches of water. 

"I looked and I saw a baby's head crowning from in between her legs and I said oh my god this is a delivery that's about to happen here," Tirado said. 

They told Tirado they needed help.

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"So I ran down the street. I said well I am going to get someone from the National Guard, some military personnel to come up here and help me do this," Tirado said. "And I couldn't find anybody."

Tirado was the only one around to help, so he said jumped into action. 

"The baby comes out, the baby's head comes out- we wrap it up since it's all in the water," Tirado explained. 

Tirado stated, from there, they drove to the hospital where the doctor pulled him aside. 

"The doctor said you did an amazing job," Tirado said. "I had no clue what I was doing, just what I seen on TV. But I just said oh I hope God is with me right now, I hope that I do this right. I just believed this was the right thing to do in this moment."

The new mom said she named her daughter Maria, after the hurricane. If she happens to ever have a son, she plans to name him after Robert. 

Tirado returned to work on Tuesday to continue studying for the boards. If he passes, he will be a registered nurse in the state of Kentucky. 

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