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Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?

Check out Hot Take Tuesday every week on! (Source: Rhonda Harshfield/WAVE 3 News) Check out Hot Take Tuesday every week on! (Source: Rhonda Harshfield/WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Enjoy this edition of Hot Take Tuesday for Oct. 10, 2017, and feel free to share your own by emailing us at

Kent Taylor, Sports Director (Follow on Twitter)
Having lived through three blowout Super Bowl losses, I’ll never forget the feeling of watching the Broncos beat the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. I didn’t want to believe it until the clock hit zero. So, I know how Indians fans feel. Or close to it. Like I said, those Super Bowl losses were blowouts. Yes, they did lead the Giants and Redskins, but thanks to Phil Simms and Doug Williams, neither result was in doubt in the fourth quarter. Indians fans have watched their team lose in the 7th game of the World Series, in extra innings, not once, but twice. Here’s hoping they get to experience the relief and jubilation that is a World Championship. If not, I’ll still be sure to make fun of John Wise.

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Brian Winner, Sports Reporter (Follow on Twitter)
I'm not going to lie, I'm a fair-weather baseball fan. I admit I hardly even pay attention to it the first 161 games of the regular season. But I also admit I'm totally locked in once October comes around for postseason madness! I don't just watch postseason baseball, I'm glued to it for a solid month. To me, there's nothing better than seeing games that matter on a Monday at 1 p.m., watching home crowds go crazy for their pride and joy. It's hard to relate here in Louisville because we don't have a Major League team, but postseason baseball is electric. I have no ties to Chicago and I'm not even a Cubs fan, but I did drive up to Chicago last year for Game 7 just in case they won. I was ready to witness history! I know what you're thinking -- the game was in Cleveland right? Yes it was, but the party that night was in Chi-Town! It was so much fun to see the excitement and joy from all these Cubs fans who were now witnessing something their parents' or grandparents' never did. So this year, I might make the trip to Cleveland the night they win the World Series because this drought goes back to the beginning years after World War II. At a time when people say baseball is dying, to me it is the perfection of the fall.

John Boel, Anchorman (Follow on Twitter)
Lost in the piling on for something stupid Cam Newton said to a reporter -- whose own stupid, racist social media comments were exposed after she got 15 minutes of fame -- is this: what a joke postgame press conferences are in general. Watch a live or taped feed of one some time. You'll see that 75 percent of the questions are stupid, leading the athlete or coach to try to fit the narrative of the piece the reporter wants to produce. I've had to walk out of many of the ones I've had to attend. Then, when the athlete or coach finally snaps and says something dumb or volatile, that's the excerpt that gets repeated to the masses.

William Leiss, Research Director
Kentucky has to be the least impressive 5-1 team in the country. The Wildcats haven’t beaten anyone good, and in their last two games have played down to the level of their poor competition at home, needing to bat down a couple Hail Marys to beat Eastern Michigan and Missouri. UK fans will say 5-1 is 5-1, and the schedule going forward is not difficult until the road game at Georgia on Nov. 18. But at some point, the lousy play has to catch up with the Wildcats, right? 

Annie Moore, Digital Content Producer (Follow on Twitter)
World Series hangover? Monday night’s win proved the Cubs might have enough fight to make another deep run this postseason. Chicago had four errors on the night, and were hitless through six innings, but came back to defeat Washington and take the 2-1 lead in the National League Divisional Series.

Many were skeptical about the hangover after last year’s historic, curse-breaking World Series championship. But Monday night, in front of another sold-out crowd at Wrigley Field, the Cubs proved they have the resiliency and fight necessary for the unpredictabilities of the Fall Classic.

John P. Wise, Director of Digital Media (Follow on Twitter)
October's postseason shines a bright light on the nuance of baseball. A casual fan like myself who only tunes in to the sport around the trade deadline, and only if my Cleveland Indians are contending, can't be bothered to watch a three-hour yawnfest on TBS on a Tuesday in May or June. But baseball broadcasts are at their best during the postseason, with John Smoltz in the booth, explaining the significance of Jay Bruce laying off a low slider barely out of the strike zone on a 1-1 pitch in the 8th inning of Friday's Game 2 in Cleveland. Smoltz opined that the book on Bruce is that if he expands the zone, it will be on low stuff. Yankees reliever Dave Robertson barely missed low to make it 2-1, prompting something to the effect of "great take by Bruce, which means he'll get an even better pitch here" from Smoltz. And when Robertson missed just low again on the next pitch, Smoltz repeated himself, crediting Bruce's impressive discipline to lay off. Robertson's 3-1 delivery came right down the middle, allowing Bruce to tie the game with a solo homer, completing Cleveland's stunning comeback and extending the game into extra innings, where the American League's top team claimed a 9-8 win and 2-0 series lead.

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