Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?

Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?
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Kent Taylor, Sports Director (Follow on Twitter)
The NFL is bad and many teams and games are unwatchable. Three teams were shut out over the weekend. They didn't score a single point! Unfortunately, I watched the entire Broncos-Chargers game. Denver not only failed to score; the Broncos didn't even threaten. The Colts and Cardinals also went scoreless. The Panthers, Browns, Giants and Falcons all failed to reach double digits. What's wrong? That's above my pay grade, but someone needs to fix it, or else I'll be in a bad mood again next Sunday.

John Boel, Anchorman (Follow on Twitter)
The national anthem controversy the NFL so desperately wants to go away is unsolvable, and will never go away. The league can't force the players to stand, the way the rules are now. If the NFL enacts a new rule, it will sharpen protesters' resolve, and prompt an unwinnable lawsuit. If an owner starts benching kneelers, it will sharpen players' resolve. The NFL can "listen to player concerns" all it wants, and donate all the money in the world to protesters' causes. It won't deter some of them.

Refusing to stand during the anthem is here indefinitely whether we like it or not.

William Leiss, Research Director
I am not a big fan of these super orchestrated and choreographed NFL touchdown celebrations. I understand the NFL wants to let the players have some fun, but some of these players are taking these celebrations too far. It makes you wonder just how long they spend working on the choreography, and how much it cuts into their time actually practicing and preparing for the games. It's especially ridiculous considering the fact that there is no guarantee these players will score a touchdown. It's just more evidence on how the NFL is becoming more about the individual rather than the team.

Annie Moore, Digital Content Producer (Follow on Twitter)
It only took one episode for the partnership between ESPN and Barstool Sports to come to the screeching halt we all knew was coming. Barstool features segments such as "Smoke Show Sunday," in which women are prompted to submit photos of themselves, and the one deemed most attractive wins a cash prize.

ESPN is owned by Walt freaking Disney.

Somehow, the folks in Bristol were the only ones who saw Mickey Mouse climbing in the "Barstool Van" to call female ESPN talent derogatory names. The only thing more absurd than the partnership was ESPN President John Skipper's statement, in which he said he erred in thinking ESPN could "distance" the "Barstool Van Talk" show "from the Barstool site and its content."

For its next move, one can only assume ESPN will attempt to distance sports from Sportscenter.

John P. Wise, Director of Digital Media (Follow on Twitter)
Full disclosure: I am an Ohio State football fan.

Hot take: Ohio State will beat No. 2 Penn State this weekend.

In the five previous years under Urban Meyer, Ohio State is 5-0 coming off of bye weeks, winning those games by an average of 22 points. The Buckeyes are looking to win their first national-stage game since a lackluster home loss to Oklahoma in Week 2, as well as exact a small measure of revenge for their October collapse in Happy Valley last year. Having the home-field advantage in that 3:30 p.m. sweet spot, armed with a fifth-year quarterback on a mission to prove he can win big games, plus a bevy of statistical advantages over its guest, and it makes sense that Ohio State is favored. The Buckeyes might not cover the six points most books are listing, but I can see a 20-16 type of result at the Shoe, thrusting OSU once again back into the middle of the playoff conversation.

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