WAVE 3 News Editorial - October 31, 2017: JCPS Registration

(Source: JCPS)
(Source: JCPS)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Online school registration began this week for Jefferson County Public Schools and ends December 15. Parents and students have many choices when it comes to where to attend school so now is the time to do your homework. Many already have by attending the Showcase of Schools Saturday.

Parents of elementary school children can apply for their child to attend any school in the cluster of schools that serve their home address or choose from a wide selection of magnet schools and programs.

Students in JCPS middle schools can choose to go to the school that serves their attendance area or apply to a magnet school, magnet program, or optional program.

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In addition to magnet schools and programs, high school students can apply to any school in one of three geographic networks. Each network has a selection of 5-Star Schools that offer courses in many Professional Career Themes, including engineering, healthcare, and information technology.

The Academies of Louisville will be implemented in 11 high schools. Academies are small learning communities with within those high schools that allow all students to connect what they're learning in the classroom to the real world through a subject that interests them.

JCPS is the 28th largest school system in the United States with nearly 101,000 students, and 6,600 teachers - 85% of them have a master's degree.

An audit of the system could lead to a state takeover of JCPS - that determination should come after Thanksgiving. The current reality is there is plenty of gold to mine in the system - if you look!

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