Louisville Orchestra performs Abrams' great work to honor The Greatest

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Muhammad Ali was honored in his hometown of Louisville Saturday night - through music. The Louisville Orchestra performed Teddy Abrams' new work, The Greatest: Muhammad Ali, at the Kentucky Center.

The 90-minute piece of music featured was designed to be an immersive experience. The performance included narration, poetry, music, singers, dancers and even rappers, all focused on the life and legacy of Ali.

That includes the complex issues that followed him throughout the years.

"The issues of race that Ali dealt with in the 60's, and there's a portion that deals with the Vietnam War that is still very much in the news today as far as how we're dealing with conflict around the world," Louisville Orchestra member Andrew Kipe said.

The Louisville Orchestra said that Abrams immersed himself in Ali's life to delve deeply into race and social issues still relevant today.

The Louisville Orchestra published a statement from Abrams explaining his work.

"As a new Louisvillian and a musician, I wanted to offer an artistic tribute to the legendary figure who has inspired, influenced, and captivated humanity in the modern era. Learning from Ali's story and message, I've found both personal inspiration and a call for the world to be a far more peaceful, empathetic, and tolerant place," Abrams said.

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