Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?

Hot Take Tuesday: Who's saying what about the world of sports?
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Kent Taylor, Sports Director (Follow on Twitter)
I don't know Brian Bowen, but I do know that Brian Bowen should never put on a UofL basketball uniform. We are a ways away from that possibility, but in my opinion it's not even a road UofL should consider going down. The Cards need to move on, and Bowen does, too.

John Boel, Anchorman (Follow on Twitter)
Look for Bobby Petrino to flee the raging bonfire UofL sports has become, with football now fully involved, too. Just in the SEC, there are likely openings coming soon at Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas A&M and Arkansas, not to mention. He's got the best player in America and is still getting run by Wake and Boston College. He ran off his defensive coordinator -- who's turned his current guy's former D into the sixth-best in the nation. The buyout is now palatable after the Cards fired the athletic director who got crushed by giving Petrino the job, and they may be coming for him next. His resume is crashing fast, but there is enough "back class," as they say in horse racing, to get someone to bet on him yet again. Petrino meant it when he committed for the long-term this time, but the bonfire is spreading. It's time for a quick kick on third down.

Annie Moore, Digital Content Producer (Follow on Twitter)
Louisville City FC keeper Greg Ranjitsingh is the least-known sports hero in Louisville right now. After saving the team in penalty kicks, and locking down the conference title on Saturday, Ranjitsingh received a call-up to play for Trinidad and Tobago's national team. International play is something every footballer strives for, and Trinidad and Tobago's upcoming friendly would've given him a great chance to earn those coveted international minutes. He declined. Because Louisville City has one game left, the USL Championship at Slugger Field on Monday night. Ranjitsingh will be there, and you should be, too.

John P. Wise, Director of Digital Media (Follow on Twitter)
As recently as a month ago, I was in the group that acknowledged that NFL viewership is down because all ratings are down. People are watching more content on more channels on more devices, much of it consumed at a time that is convenient for them. I didn't -- and still don't -- think it has anything to do with player protests. But now I have a different view. Football ratings are down because the product sucks. The NFL was a lot like the first seven seasons of "Modern Family." It was appointment television. No time-shifted viewing here. But the last two seasons of each have absolutely sucked. When the pressure only gets worse on teams to win each year, the rapidly revolving doors of unsuccessful general managers, head coaches and quarterbacks yield openings for people with even less experience than their failed predecessors. And that makes for more bad games between more bad teams whose rosters are made up of more bad players.

Will Leiss, Research Director
I'm eagerly awaiting all the pieces that will inevitably be written about how Ohio State can still make the playoffs even after their blowout loss at Iowa and now having lost two games. Ohio State is a team that simply won't die when it comes to playoff discussion, a benefit of the doubt not afforded to other teams.

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