Recorded conversation with students leads to school audit, principal reprimanded

Recorded conversation with students leads to school audit, principal reprimanded

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A high school principal received a letter of reprimand following a discussion he had with two students in his office.

DuPont Manual High School principal Jerry Mayes said he was unaware he was being recorded when he used illustrations and colleagues names while having a discussion the students.

Mayes released the following statement about the incident:

"I recently met with two students in my office. In an open discussion with them on a variety of topics, which was recorded without my knowledge, I unfortunately used illustrations to make a point that included colleagues' names. I apologize for this mistake on my part.

I am deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. They have been pillars of my life personally and professionally. We at DuPont Manual High School are committed to open discussion of what can sometimes be sensitive issues. In this conversation, at one point, I was trying to challenge my students to broaden their perspectives on such issues. In the rush of this conversation, I may not have always communicated exactly as I might have hoped.  I believe that the sum substance of what I said in that conversation, however inartfully I may have said it, is consistent with my commitments to diversity and inclusion.  I regret that anyone may have a contrary impression.

At Manual, we raise thinkers who question and challenge. I am proud of our students, their activism and their commitment to do what's right. I have learned an important lesson from them – to listen more and talk less."

JCPS spokeswoman Allison Martin said a comprehensive culture and climate audit will also be performed at the school.

Martin said an outside entity will conduct an independent review of the allegations concerning Mayes.

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