Case against high school rape suspect moves to grand jury

Case against high school rape suspect moves to grand jury

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Eighteen-year-old Kenneth Monarch appeared before a judge Monday morning for his preliminary hearing in Bullitt County.

The Bullitt East High School student faces two counts of rape.

"She was able to get one of her legs free and shoved him, pushed him away from her," a detective testified about Monarch's alleged crime Monday.

He read graphic accounts from two alleged victims who claim Monarch raped them.

"She advised that ... Mr. Monarch reached down and grabbed her sweatpants and underwear," the detective read from another file.

Detectives said the two alleged victims and Monarch are all students at Bullitt East. Although the incidents mentioned did not happen on school premises, detectives said it was two school counselors who called police.

"She said, 'I felt dirty,' and did not know or tell anyone until the following morning at school," the detective said. "She talked to a friend of hers at school and this friend went to the school counselor and contacted me."

Monarch's attorney, Jason Dattilo, said there's still more information that needs to be gathered.

"Before we judge my client, let's just wait for all the information to come to light and all the evidence to unfold," Dattilo said.

He added Monarch denies all allegations and that he's mostly in shock.

"He's almost like a deer in headlights," Dattilo said. "He's an 18-year-old who went to high school a couple weeks ago, he was in school and I think he basically got arrested in school. That was the last time he saw light of day."

The judge decided to pass the case on to the grand jury. Monarch's bond remains at $200,000 for both cases.

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