Louisville celebrates a day of gratitude and giving

Louisville celebrates a day of gratitude and giving

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, some people may be preparing for a big meal by thawing their turkey or preparing the sides in advance.

However, not everyone is so fortunate. Several groups in Louisville were able to give out meals to those who may face challenges preparing a Thanksgiving Day spread.

At one church on Standard Avenue in the Park Hill neighborhood, hundreds prayed in unison as a way to give thanks on Tuesday morning.

"Their hearts are so filled with gratitude, we're impacting a lot of working class families who do everything to make ends meet," Lord's Kitchen director of operations Dondra Sherrill said. "Sometimes it's not enough to get the nice traditional holiday items."

Hundreds were sent home from the Lord's Kitchen with not just a message of gratitude but also with a box. The box stuffed with a turkey, yams, stuffing mix and other items considered essential for the holiday.

"We want everybody to have a good meal at least on Thanksgiving Day," Lord's Kitchen director Pastor Kedrick Tembo said.

From Park Hill to the Russell neighborhood, kindness resonated throughout the city. On a different street, a different group worked to spread the same message.

"The city gets better for some and gets worse for others," Rev Gerome Sutton said. "So we're just trying to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate."

Volunteers gave out 500 meals on the corner of Muhammad Ali Boulevard and South 18th Street. Another 600 went out on Standard Avenue. For some it may just be one meal of the year, but for many it means more than just tradition.

"When I'm eating a Thanksgiving meal at my house, I want someone else to also enjoy," Tembo said. "It's a season of Thanksgiving and we are here to give."

"We have one common goal and it's really to meet the needs of all our neighborhood friends and guests," Sherrill said. "As Louisvillians, we have a responsibility to do that."

May the compassion and the season thaw not just your turkey but also your heart.

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