Can you tell the difference? Fake money spotted in WAVE Country

Can you tell the difference? Fake money spotted in WAVE Country

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville teen received fake cash after attempting to sell a pair of rare Air Jordans.

Cindy Crawford said her 14-year-old son has been buying and selling sneakers, a hobby that turned into a small business.

"He loves sneakers," she said. "He's been doing it for years."

On Monday, the teen met up with a buyer to sell a pair of yellow and white Retro 4s, released in 2006 and a rare find in the sneaker world.

He originally listed the sneakers on a site to buy and sell goods locally. Crawford said her son went with his father to sell the shoes at a location off New Cut Road and Kenwood, and was given the fake cash.

"When he did the transaction, the guy ended up giving him fake money," Crawford said. "It was three $100 bills that were fake, and twenties that were fake."

The Crawfords didn't notice the money was fake, until they got home.

"Before you know it, we noticed, the word 'Replica' was written on it," Crawford said.

The money was not necessarily counterfeit, but fake for movie-set props. The Crawfords turned it over to the Louisville Metro Police Department and filed a report.

"I would like to tell that guy that if he would be willing to turn himself in or just give the real money, I wouldn't press charges," Crawford said.

Crawford said her son isn't going to quit the sneaker business. The family plans on investing in a money marker pen to help identify fake or counterfeit cash. The Crawfords are going to consider doing their swaps in a safe exchange zone.

St. Matthews Police and Jeffersontown Police have designated exchange spots that are monitored by surveillance video. Crawford said she hopes her son's story will serve as a reminder that such resources are available.

"I just want people to not have to go through this situation," Crawford said. "I think it's happening a lot more than we think it is."

On Sunday, the city of Madison Police Department released information about counterfeit money discovered at Madison businesses. Suspects are apparently using fake $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills in recent weeks. Some bills being used have the same serial numbers and Chinese stamping, and they also appear faded. Madison police officials said they've also gotten reports that some of the bills may have been returned to customers during business transactions.

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