MUGSHOTS: 12 in custody following drug roundup

MUGSHOTS: 12 in custody following drug roundup

CORYDON, IN (WAVE) - Twelve people were taken into custody during a drug roundup in Harrison County.

Lyndal Woosley, Lauren Woosley, Bryan Salazar-Carrillo, Kayla Crawford, Samantha Bogard, Erick Luczak, Kristopher Keene, Forest Nichols, Douglas Elwanger, Larina Travis, Tina Dean and Bobbie Cross were taken into custody Friday morning.

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"The opioid problem is a real problem here," Sheriff Rod Seelye said. "A lot of the people, the addicts, are actually traveling to Louisville and New Albany for their drugs. We do have a few that are selling heroin here, but it's going to make a big comeback.

"I've been in this since 1989 and it's circular and I think methamphetamine will be taking the opioids' place somewhere in the future."

Sheriff Seelye credits Harrison County's success with the combined effort of the prosecutor's office.

Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk agreed, they've been tough on drug traffickers for six years.

"It's full throttle ahead and we're seeking long term incarceration more often than not," he said.

Some charges filed Friday are level 2 felonies which carry up to 30 years in prison.

"I would suspect many of the people that are facing those significant level 3, or level 2 charges will not be part of a society of free people for a long time," Schalk said.

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As the men mentioned, this was the sixth annual Harrison County Sheriff's Department drug roundup.

Over those six raids, 120 people have been arrested and the department has seized more than $300,000 in drug money.

Deputies are still searching for 13 more suspects.

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