New Albany moves forward with plans to improve public housing

New Albany moves forward with plans to improve public housing

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - New Albany is taking steps to improve public housing, the New Albany Mayor's office said on Friday.

The city has been evaluating public housing and how to improve it for several years, according to the City of New Albany.

The findings from the analysis will be used to provide public housing residents with improved conditions and access to programs and services, the city said.

In a news release, New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan said:

"We are committed to serving all residents of New Albany, especially those who are in the most need. Our ten-year plan will improve housing conditions and supportive services for all residents of the New Albany Housing Authority and surrounding neighborhoods."

The highlights of the New Albany Housing Authority report were:

  • Public housing facilities are in poor condition. Inspections found that numerous public housing properties had mold, roof leaks and were poorly maintained.
  • The New Albany Housing Program is a federal program and severely underfunded.The US Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that it would take $26 billion to bring properties across the country back into good condition. In New Albany, the estimate is $138 million.
  • Housing Authority properties are too concentrated. The analysis revealed that public housing residents were often isolated from jobs, transportation and other city services because the properties were too densely concentrated in specific areas.

New Albany has a long-term plan to move forward and improve public housing. The Mayor's office said that the goals are to better serve public housing residents, improve properties and create a sustainable model.

According to the New Albany Housing Authority, the city is conducting a physical needs assessment of properties and data on vacant homes that could be rehabbed.

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