FRAUD ALERT: KSP warns against buying temporary tags on Facebook

FRAUD ALERT: KSP warns against buying temporary tags on Facebook
Kentucky State Police are currently looking into this Facebook post. (Source: Facebook)
Kentucky State Police are currently looking into this Facebook post. (Source: Facebook)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - From drivers licenses for sale to title fraud, there is a scam for everything online.

However, there's a Facebook post that has sparked a new investigation by Kentucky State Police. The post sells "temp tags" for $50 on the "Westend buy/sell/trade" Facebook group.

"Upon first glance, it does appear to be an authentic temp tag that someone some how got a hold of," Kentucky Transportation Cabinet public affairs director Naitore Djigbenou said.

Temp tags are normally only seen in car dealerships or at the clerk's office. Djigbenou said it should never be sold or exchanged anywhere else.

"The fact that it's being sold online, and also for $50, clearly shows that something is fraudulent," Djigbenou said. "Tags only cost $2 when obtained from a dealer."

If it's only $2 for a new tag from the clerk's office or the dealership, then why would anyone want to shell out $50? Kentucky State Police Sgt. Josh Lawson said the most obvious reason would be for one to avoid paying registration fees or taxes on their vehicle.

"Ultimately, what they would be doing is -- a few hundred dollars or however much it would be to renew your tags on your vehicle -- they're trading the couple hundred dollars that may be there for a class D felony," Lawson explained.

Selling tags illegally would be facilitation of a class D felony. Buying them off the streets would be considered forgery, also a class D felony. Lawson called it a trade-off that may leave you with time behind bars or at the very least a damaged reputation.

"It's not worth the cost to buy a temp tag for $50 off Facebook and be caught and prosecuted," Lawson added.

Djigbenou said the state is currently working to figure out new ways to combat this kind of fraud. Currently, temporary tags are delivered from the state to clerk's offices around the state, then to dealerships.

One dealership near Frankfort declined an on-camera interview, but did explain that procedures are extremely strict when it comes to temporary tags. A strenuous audit takes place each time they receive a new batch of blank tags, according to one employee.

To streamline the process, Djigbenou said they are currently entertaining a new model that's more secure and efficient.

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"We want to move to a model that could potentially allow on-demand printing," Djigbenou said. "A dealer would be able to print off a tag as vehicles are sold and assign it to a specific driver and that would increase efficiency."

Kentucky State Police are currently looking into the specific Facebook post. Those with any information that could be helpful to the investigation are encouraged to contact KSP.

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