Woman says scammer stole money from her after good deed

Woman says scammer stole money from her after good deed

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A seemingly elaborate scam is hitting the streets again in WAVE Country.

Several victims are coming forward saying that they've lost up to thousands of dollars through this scam that preys on the generosity of the public.

"On Thursday evening I was pumping gas," Angela explained.

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Angela declined to use her full name given the nature of the interview. She said she was just going about her business when something caught her attention at the pumps at a Thorntons gas station on South 3rd Street.

"I heard a gentleman dressed in scrubs on the phone with what appeared to be his boss at Norton Hospital, he alleged," Angela said.

The man's story was that he was running late and that he had run out of gas. Angela said he told her he had no one to bring him money to buy the gas either.

"He sounded desperate so he hangs up the phone and he asked me if I could put two dollars of gas in his vehicle," Angela said.

She said he seemed legitimate. She described a man wearing scrubs and a badge. She said she used her debit card to fill up his car for him. Nothing struck her as odd until a few days later she checked her account and found that $503 had been taken out.

"I was told that it was probably a skimmer that he had installed on the gas pump," Angela said. "[I] posted it on our neighborhood association Facebook page and found out there were numerous other victims."

LMPD confirms that multiple victims have filed reports with similar cases. Several people also commented on Angela's original Facebook post saying that they too had the same exact thing happen to them. The man wearing the scrubs, in a maroon SUV, telling them all that he would even "pay it forward."

For Angela, she said she has learned a valuable lesson from this spur of the moment decision.

"I won't let it harden me, when I see someone who truly needs money," she said. "But I will never use my debit card to help anyone ever again."

LMPD is currently investigating the incidents.

Norton Healthcare's System Director of Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Joe Magana, released this statement:

"We're saddened that someone is allegedly using the good name of Norton Healthcare to steal from others. We've contacted Louisville Metro Police and will do everything we can to assist in this matter."

Thorntons said they did not have a comment.

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