December 14, 2017

Holiday Safety Tips

Erika Janes with Norton Children's Prevention & Wellness and Maria Chapman, Prevention Coordinator with Kentucky Poison Control Center discussed toy safety and Holiday warnings for adults.

* Stick to age recommendations on all toys and games; toys for older kids can have smaller parts and can be choking hazards for little kids
* Button batteries are a choking hazard, they can erode in 2 hours, which can be fatal, if your child swallows a battery call poison control and take your child to the ER

* If you purchase a bike or scooter, buy a helmet too:
Bike and wheel-related head injuries continue to be a problem locally
Helmet is the best piece of protection
Make sure they're worn correctly (attached and properly fitted)

* How to prevent accidental poisonings with medications:
Keeping track of daily doses of medicines when traveling/hosting 
If hosting, keep items and medicines in their original containers
If traveling, sort medications in advance in a pill minder
Never take other's prescriptions
Put away medications when visiting households with children/hosting children 
Always read labels before taking any new medication

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