Close call for family run off road during wild police chase

Debbie Valentine Wyatt (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Debbie Valentine Wyatt (Source: WAVE 3 News)
The chase ended on Preston Street about 10 minutes after it sped down Eastern Parkway. (Source: Air 3, WAVE 3 News)
The chase ended on Preston Street about 10 minutes after it sped down Eastern Parkway. (Source: Air 3, WAVE 3 News)

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Four teens have been arrested after a wild police chase Thursday night that ended in Louisville's Shelby Park neighborhood.

But in the 30 minutes it went on, the chase ran through downtown, Germantown and the Highlands, along busy roads like Eastern Parkway, Bardstown Road and Goss Avenue.

And it happened during evening rush hour.

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"I'm just thankful from the way he was driving that nobody was hurt last night," Debbie Valentine Wyatt said. "It was definitely a miracle."

A Hardin County mother says she's grateful her family is okay after their SUV was hit during that chase.

She told us the close call happened as she drove down Eastern Parkway. Her car was forced off the road as the chase wound through the Highlands.

Valentine Wyatt and her family were on their way from Hardin County to a Christmas celebration dinner in Louisville when she saw the driver of a dark car suddenly swerve into her rearview mirror.

"This happened in a matter of five seconds, it was that quick" she said. "I guess he tried to come up between my car and the bus. And we saw the mirror fly off and about that time we just felt the car scraping and he just pushed us completely off the road."

All that's left of her mirror are the cables sticking out after the driver of the stolen Jeep swiped her. But she says she's grateful for how things turned out because she and everyone else is okay.

"But you know, I think it just puts everything in perspective," she said. "I think there was an angel watching me because we were just inches from plowing into that tree."

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Now that the shock is wearing off, Debbie said she's had a moment to let what happened sink in.

She went to the Kentucky Farm Bureau in Elizabethtown Friday to file a claim for the damage the driver did to her car.

All that can be replaced, she said. She's just grateful to spend another Christmas with her family because they and others weren't hurt in the chase.

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