Man allegedly shot tow truck driver who blocked car

Man allegedly shot tow truck driver who blocked car

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A man is facing charges after he allegedly shot a tow truck driver.

On Nov. 16, Louisville Metro Police Department officers responded to the Thorntons gas station located near Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane for a shooting.

There during the early morning hours, they found a tow truck driver for Dave's Towing had been shot in the arm. The driver, Billy Craven, was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

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Now, more than a month later, LMPD arrested Dylan Leslie, 43, in connection to that shooting. According to arrest records, it was a case of some type of road rage.

Craven explained it as a regular tow call turned difficult.

"I was called there to get a customer's car and I blocked…" Craven trailed off. "It was block three people in this way and block one person in this way, so I chose to block one person."

Craven said it was a tricky maneuver to make in the parking lot, especially with such a large tow truck. He explained he ended up blocking Leslie's car, which was a decision that allegedly made Leslie livid.

"He got mad and I said a few things and he threatened to shoot me," Craven said. "That's exactly what he did."

In court on Tuesday morning, Judge Sean Delahanty with the district read out the arrest notes for Leslie.

"The subject started reaching for something, the victim then maced the subject," Judge Delahanty read. "Subject shot victim in the right arm."

That's how Craven described the incident as well.

"I walked into the gas station and looked at my arm," Craven said. "there was blood running down my jacket."

Craven said the gas station clerks called police and things were a blur after that. He said he was lucky to walk away with two graze wounds on his arm and side.

"They let it heal on its own," Craven said as he pulled his right arm out of his reflective jacket and revealed a scar. "They didn't give me any stitches."

Craven said he wasn't shaken up from this experience, even after being shot. He said he's often greeted with anger.

"He should have just let me finish my job and go on about our ways," Craven said. "It happens all the time, people want to cuss us out because we're stealing their cars they say. We're actually just doing the job."

Judge Delahanty released Leslie on Home Incarceration with work release on Tuesday. Leslie is due to reappear in court on Jan. 10.

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