Get a free ride home through New Year's Day from Safe Ride Kentucky

Get a free ride home through New Year's Day from Safe Ride Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A reminder for anyone heading out this holiday weekend, Safe Ride Kentucky is offering $10,000 worth of free rides.

To take advantage of the offer, download the Lyft or CityScoot smart phone apps and enter promo code: SAFERIDEKY17.

The code entitles people to $20 off rides through Jan. 1. The promo code is good even for those who already use Lyft or CityScoot.

And with CityScoot, riders don't have to leave their car behind. CityScoot rolls up on a scooter, loads it in the trunk, and then drives the rider home in their own car.

Besides staying safe on the roads, the Jeffersonville Fire Department wants to make sure everyone is careful with their celebrations.

For those lighting fireworks, make sure to use a long lighter and keep hands away. Firefighters recommend discarding used fireworks in a metal container with water.

And never fire guns into the air.

"We've heard a lot of loud noises that you think are fireworks, but they're not. They're guns," Cpt. Marty Stengel of the Jeffersonville Fire Dept. said. "You know, a lot of people discharge firearms in the air, which is very dangerous because you never know where the projectile is going to end up. We've had shots through houses, we've had numerous things that have happened on New Year's Eve."

And remember, alcohol and fireworks do not mix.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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