Bardstown family's home destroyed after driver crashes into house

Jacquline Allender (Source: Nelson County Sheriff)
Jacquline Allender (Source: Nelson County Sheriff)

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) – Thursday evening was a terrifying one for the Hill family when an alleged drunk driver crashed through the brick wall of their home.

It was a full house as usual at the Hill's.

"We have four kids and five dogs," Emily Hill said. Hill said everyone was out in the living room playing video games because she allowed them to stay up late during winter break.

"We're just sitting around playing video games in the living room and we heard this loud crash," Hill said. "The first thing I said was, 'did someone just hit our house?'"

Their surveillance video told a split-second story of a car speeding down the road leading up to their home, crossing their yard and crashing through Hill's oldest son's room.

Thirteen-year-old Hunter Hill's room was filled with dust, bricks, drywall and insulation. A gaping hole, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, blew cold air into the dark room. With electricity cut off for safety reasons, the room was frigid.

"She was like a doll inside the car just flopping around, the car was bouncing around," Hill described the surveillance video. "She hit hard."

Hill explained that the bricks that held the wall up on the outside of the house were hurled across the room when they were hit. The impact was so strong, that it pierced the drywall on the opposite side of the room, right above the headboard of the bed.

Hill was rendered speechless at not just the sheer ridicule of the entire incident but also at the thought of her eldest son being inside the room when it happened.

"It almost hurts your heart as a mom to see what could have happened if he had been in here," Hill said. "It just makes me want to cry."

The Nelson County Sheriff's deputies arrested 56-year-old Jacquline Allender in connection with the crash. WAVE 3 News has learned that Allender is currently an Instructional Assistant at Bardstown Primary School. Allender's arrest report showed that Allender was slurring her speech and that she stated she had a "good amount of margaritas and beer." Deputies wrote in the report that a field sobriety test was attempted but unable because of Allender's inability to maintain balance. The report stated that blood was drawn instead and sent to the lab for analysis.

Hill said only because of a series of lucky events, no one was killed.

"My son just happened to not be in bed at 10:30 at night and she happened to be wearing her seatbelt," Hill said. "This could have been a totally different outcome had any of those things been slightly different."

Hill said she has contacted Allender's insurance company and a contractor to fix up her house but it's not going to be a simple nor cheap fix.

The Nelson County Jail confirmed that Allender has bonded out. WAVE 3 News reached out to Bardstown City Schools and received this statement from their public relations office: "

"We are aware of the incident involving Mrs. Allender and we are grateful that no one was injured. Mrs. Allender is an Instructional Assistant at our Primary School. Bardstown City Schools certainly regards this as a very serious matter but our information is limited at this time. We will be working to gather additional information in the coming days. However, with the timing of the holidays and travel schedules, this may take several days."

WAVE 3 News did briefly speak with Allender's husband at his home but he declined to comment on the story.

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