WAVE 3 News Editorial - January 4, 2018: Next 'It' City?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Is Louisville the next "It" city? A good case can be made it in in the mix.

Forbes ranks Louisville the number one city for manufacturing in the United States and unemployment stands at 3.5%.

A mile and a half of fiber cable is being laid.

More hotels are being built here than possibly any other city in the world while established hotels are pumping more than $100 million into renovations.

Leadership Louisville will soon open a new center to help train leaders worldwide.

When the new Northeast Regional Library is opened next year, more than 90% of the population in Louisville will be within five miles of a new library.

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The Russell and Portland neighborhoods are being transformed, as is Dixie Highway.

Three more distilleries will open downtown this year, along with a newly renovated convention center that will further grow tourism.

Churchill Downs and The Kentucky Derby Museum are renovating and expanding, and ground will be broken this year for a $200 million Butchertown Soccer Stadium District – further expanding the arts and entertainment strengths of the city.

Our Imagination Library project will significantly expand this year, helping get more children kindergarten-ready.

Challenges remain - improving education and infrastructure, funding pensions, continuing to reduce crime, and simply attracting more people to live here.

But the opportunities are real. It is time to seize them!

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