LMPD sees large number of officers leave in 2017, cuts back training hours

LMPD sees large number of officers leave in 2017, cuts back training hours

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As more Louisville Metro Police officers retire or quit the department, the number of training hours for new officers are being cut back.

WAVE 3 News is also getting a look at just how much experience the remaining officers on the department have.

We obtained numbers from LMPD dating back to 2013 of how many officers either quit or retired form the department.

  • 2013: 48 retirements; 14 resignations
  • 2014: 49 retirements; 20 resignations
  • 2015: 66 retirements; 21 resignations
  • 2016: 68 retirements; 37 resignations
  • 2017 (Jan. through Oct. 17): 64 retirements; 36 resignations

The total number of officers that left the department from 2013 to 2016 jumped by 70%.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad told WAVE 3 News a couple of months ago, he was preparing for 96 officers to leave in 2017 due to concerns over changes to their pensions. Those projections were surpassed in September.

Meanwhile, the department has hired more officers in a fiscal year than ever before, maxing out their training capacity of 150.

WAVE 3 News also obtained numbers reflecting how much experience current LMPD officers have.

The numbers reflect that 28% of the department has at least 15 years of of service or more.

Another 19% of officers have between 10 and 14 years of service.

And 23% of current officers have between 5 and 9 years.

The largest grouping, at 30%, describes officers who have 4 years or less in the department.

Recently, LMPD Chief Steve Conrad decided to cut the number of mandatory ride-along training hours for recruits from 24 weeks to 16.

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The department says the move, which is on a trial basis, falls in line with national standards.

Meanwhile, the Fraternal Order of Police President, Officer Nicolai Jilek, provided the following statement about the changes:

"The FOP was notified of this change just prior to its implementation but was not included in initial discussions.

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