Romeo is named a McDonald's All American

New Albany senior Romeo Langford has been named a McDonald's All American.

"It was a dream ever since I started playing basketball, if you play high school basketball I'm pretty sure this is a goal for everyone in their career.  I remember watching Lebron James when he was in the dunk contest and to be one of those guys on the same stage is just a blessing," said Langford.

Romeo however plans to compete in the three-point contest over the dunk contest if he was given the option.  Langford has narrowed his colleges choices to three schools, Vanderbilt, Indiana and Kansas.

"It's those three where I feel like I can showcase my talents the best with their playing style.  I'm really excited, I know it's coming down to the end and we only have a couple more months left until I have to make my decision to see what the future holds," said Langford.