VIDEO: Driver chases Kentucky State Police during Carrollton pursuit

VIDEO: Driver chases Kentucky State Police during Carrollton pursuit

CARROLLTON, KY (WAVE) – An incident in a Carrollton gas station parking lot on Tuesday morning started out as a welfare check on two juveniles.

According to Kentucky State Police, they were under the influence and the vehicle was stolen.

Police said one of the individuals rolled up the officer's arm in the car window. Following that, a video of the interaction began recording from a vehicle in the parking lot.

For the most part, the video helped KSP's investigation. A pursuit between the KSP trooper and the stolen vehicle ensued. Then, the occupants of the vehicle recording the video began speeding after the trooper.

Retired law enforcement officer Greg Gitschier has seen it before.

"To get a really interesting video would probably be enticing the problem is this is a police act," Gitschier said.

The Kentucky Emergency Vehicle Statutes clearly states it's illegal to follow an emergency vehicle in pursuit.

"The police officer doesn't know who that car is behind him," Gitschier said. "He might be thinking well this is a stolen car, maybe these people are with these criminals that I'm chasing. So now, he perceives them to be a threat."

The people filming the video eventually stopped.

In less than a day, their video had more than one hundred thousand views.

The trend of filming officers in action has continued to grow. Some believe it may just be in hopes of going viral, but interfering with police could cost you.

"We want to put an end to this," Gitschier said. "Please don't do that. A lot more bad things can happen than just having a cool video."

KSP's chase was eventually terminated, but shortly afterward troopers arrested the two juveniles near Cartmell Elementary School in Carroll County.

Investigators have seen the video recorded from behind the police cruiser. A spokesperson told WAVE 3 News the department plans to make contact with the people who filmed it.

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