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KY Thoroughbreds honor Owensboro teenager


Students at Owensboro's Burns Middle School got in for free at Saturday night's  Kentucky Thoroughbreds game. 

It was a special event dedicated to 13-year-old Brookelynne Shannon. The eighth-grader died of complications from the flu on January 15.

Four times as many people as usual attended the game to honor Brookelynne's life. Her mother, Jamie Shannon, told us it was a celebration exactly as her daughter would have wanted.

"She was such a people person, and she had so many friends," said Jamie.

One of Brookelynne's closest friends was Emily McFadden. She sang a beautiful tribute to Brookelynne before tip-off. Photos flashed the teenager's bright smile.

They showed Brookelynne just as her mom remembers.

"So outgoing, athletic, extremely obsessed with school and her school work. She was funny. She touched a lot of people with everything she did. You knew when she came into a room. Rarely had any enemies. Just all around great kid," said Jamie.

Fans wore purple or red shirts made just for Brookelynne after a tragedy no one could ever expect.

"You never know what can happen. You have to live every day like your last, and don't take anything for granted," said Jamie.

Brookelynne was in the middle of her basketball season at Burns Middle School. Each fan attending the game was given a blue bracelet with her name and No. 22.

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