WAVE 3 News Editorial - February 6, 2018: Catholic Education Foundation

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - How are we going to make our school children great? That is the focus of so many individuals, groups, foundations, businesses, and certainly teachers and parents.

Businesses will be looking to hire our school children in the next 10 years, and there aren't as many of them as there used to be as our society ages and the majority of us will soon be retired or closer to it. One group is particular is helping make a big difference in outreach efforts to students.

The Catholic Education Foundation provided tuition assistance to 3,000 elementary students and their families this school year, 2,700 students last school year and 2,400 the year before that one. The total invested in these children was nearly $18 million the past three years. Most of the students were from the southern and western part of Louisville. Tuition requires parental sacrifice and the scholarships provide hope as well as help. Additional technology grants and professional development funds for teachers were also given.

There are 20,000 children in the 40 elementary and nine Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville. More than half of them attend blue ribbon schools and 97% of them graduate and pursue college or post-secondary training.

It is one of the best school systems in the country.

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