Kentucky Attorney General wants other cases involving Sgt. Mark Handy reviewed

Attorney General Andy Beshear (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Attorney General Andy Beshear (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One officer and a history of lies.

Friday, Kentucky's Attorney General Andy Beshear made a call to find out if any other innocent people have been wrongfully convicted because of Sergeant Mark Handy.

"It's important that at this phase, we've done the right thing," Beshear said about his motion to dismiss the 1992 Meade County murder case against Jeffrey Clark and Garr Hardin in the death of Rhonda Sue Warford, 19.

In his motion, Beshear noted that new DNA testing discredited some of the evidence. He also spelled out how the lead detective, Sgt. Mark Handy, has a history of lying.

"How does it make you feel that he's still a sheriff's deputy today?" WAVE 3 News investigative reporter Natalia Martinez asked Beshear.

"It's highly concerning to me," he said.

Handy is currently a Sgt. with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Beshear now wants to review any case where Handy was a key player, especially those where physical evidence was lacking. He asked that those attorneys come forward.

Despite this Meade County case and two other wrongful convictions, including those of Edwin Chandler and Keith West, Handy has never been charged with perjury.

Friday Beshear did not discard the possibility of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Handy.

"There could certainly be that chance," he said.

For that to happen, he explained, his office would have to be asked by those with the jurisdiction over a case where it's believed Handy committed perjury.

Louisville Metro Council could make that request citing the 1991 Edwin Chandler case.

In the meantime, Beshear had a request of his own for Handy's current boss.

"My hope is that any other law enforcement agency would take a very close look about whether it's important to employ him at this time," he said.

The Meade County case has not been officially dismissed until Meade County Judge Bruce Butler gives the AG's motion the final seal of approval.

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