New NAFCS Superintendent hopes to improve schools, community

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - There's a new man leading New Albany Floyd County Schools. The school board approved Brad Snyder as the superintendent of one of the state's largest school districts during a meeting last week.

Brad Snyder said he has a vision to change and improve the New Albany Floyd County School District. That starts with improving the relationship between the schools and the community.

With the term 'interim' now gone from his title, Brad Snyder is ending his first full week as New Albany Floyd County Schools Superintendent.

In his 24 years with the district, Snyder said his passion for education has never dimmed. But it's a path he didn't plan on until a teacher and mentor led him to it.

"He saw something in me that I didn't see in myself and encouraged me to consider teaching. And it was that 'Aha!' moment for me, and I thought maybe. I started thinking about it, and here I am today," said Brad Snyder, Superintendent of New Albany Floyd County Schools.

Now leading NAFCS, he said there are changes he wants to make for the district and for himself.

"I want to be engaged with the community and I want to be more visible," Snyder said.

They're working to open the Green Valley Elementary school in the fall. With growing enrollments, Snyder said they'll need to keep an eye out for potential expansion. Foremost, community outreach will be a priority.

"We have a strong community and I need to do a better job of making them feel welcome in their public schools," Snyder said.

The administrator will make a salary of roughly $168,000 running the district, slightly more than his predecessor due to raises given to all administrators this year.

Balancing the needs of the 15th largest district in the state will have challenges, but he believes frugal cuts in recent years have put them in a stable position. Snyder said he's ready to start establishing a plan to move the district forward from a position he never imagined himself in.

"People have made the comment, I'm sure this is something you've always wanted. Well it's not. It just worked out that way in this case and I'm just trusting it's the right thing. I feel like it's the right thing and we're going to make it work," Snyder said.

Snyder will outline his plans and vision for the district to the school board during a meeting February 20.

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