Jeffersonville Mayor outlines plans to grow, better connect city

Jeffersonville Mayor outlines plans to grow, better connect city

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE)  –  Connecting the city - that's the goal Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore outlined for the growing community during his State of the City Address on Tuesday.

That starts with improving ways to get around town. The expansion of East 10th street that's underway, Moore said, is vital to that by improving access to businesses in a continually expanding area.

The color orange is becoming a common sight around Jeffersonville. Construction is underway to redesign Court Avenue downtown.

Multiple developments are underway farther north on East 10th toward I-265, creating a new 500 home development called Ellingsworth Commons.

Across the street, a Kroger is being constructed with even more developments surrounding it.

"We'll soon see new retail, restaurants and hotels as the region continues to transform in the wake of the opening of the east end bridge," Moore said.

On Tuesday's State of the City Address, Mayor Moore said along with plans for new businesses and homes, they're working to expand roads like East 10th street and put down more sidewalks.

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"I want Jeffersonville to be a more pedestrian-friendly city," Moore said.

An important piece of better connecting the city is the addition of ten miles of new sidewalk, Moore said. By the end of the year, you'll be able to walk from the Falls of the Ohio to Charlestown Pike.

As the city grows, so too do the needs of first responders. The Jeffersonville Police Department has added officers, up to 88 now, according to Jeffersonville Police Chief Kenny Kavanaugh.

"To be able to meet that need, and make sure that we are maintaining public safety and we're at accord, we want to make sure that we have the right number of police officers serving Jeffersonville," Kavanaugh said.

Jeffersonville Fire and city leaders are working with River Ridge about the service needs there and possible expansions.

"The first stage is to get another engine apparatus out toward River Ridge. That will be 12 additional firefighters, four each day, so we have two out there to respond," Jeffersonville Fire Chief Eric Hedrick said.

A fire house in River Ridge would be years down the road, closer to 2023 or 2025, but Hedrick said they need to plan ahead.

As more businesses invest here, more people are moving in. Moore said construction, while inconvenient, is a mark of the town's booming future.

"But those orange barrels will only be an inconvenience for a little while longer. Be patient, because 2019 will be the year we reap the benefits of these long overdue infrastructure improvements," Moore said.

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