Fundraiser planned for LMPD officer's wife, who died from flu

Fundraiser planned for LMPD officer's wife, who died from flu
Sam Covington, the owner of Pixie Dust. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Sam Covington, the owner of Pixie Dust. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Louisville Metro Police Foundation announced in early February that one of their families was going through the unimaginable -- Leda Ramey, a mother and wife of a LMPD officer, passed away from complications from the flu.

Ramey is survived by her husband, Officer Todd Ramey of the LMPD Sixth Division, and five young children.

One of the the many lives that Ramey touched, Pixie Dust owner Sam Covington, agreed to speak to WAVE 3 News on Tuesday.

Covington explained that their encounter was brief, but she remembers clearly the day Leda Ramey was in her shop.

"Her workshop was December 18th," Covington said. "She had set it up with me to help another LMPD officer. His wife had died suddenly -- who had kids."

Ramey had reached out to Covington about a fundraiser at her shop Pixie Dust on Herr Lane. Pixie Dust focuses on DIY crafts for people of all ages. You can make signs and unleash your inner artist at the shop.

In that creative space is where Ramey and Covington met in December. They bonded over an act of kindness for another family struck with tragedy. Covington explained that one thing Ramey said to her resonated with her deeply when she heard the news about Rama's death.

"Her denial in that [other] mom leaving her kids and just passing away," Covington said, explaining that Ramey was grieving the situation for the other LMPD family. "Just how she said, 'I couldn't imagine that happening to my family.'"

Covington was left speechless. Ramey was just in her shop two months ago. Now the lives of five children had been changed forever because of something small.

"What do you say?" Covington asked. "What do you do? Nothing will ever take that pain away, it will never go away. They're going to be raised motherless from the flu. From the flu."

Three hours was a short time to know someone. However, Covington said one thing was made clear to her during those overlapping minutes.

"She loved her kids," Covington said. "That's all she talked about was those kids. And just the fact that they don't have her anymore is just devastating. She was so caring, so generous."

Covington is aiming to do the same for the Rameys as they had done for the other LMPD family back in December. She is holding a workshop at Pixie Dust on Feb. 25, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Ramey family.

The workshop slots are fully booked at this time, but Covington is encouraging others to bring donations that could benefit the family on the 25th.

Pixie Dust is located at 1321 Herr Lane, at Westport Village.

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