WAVE 3 News Editorial - February 15, 2018: NCAA Grievance

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The only certainty with the dispensing of punishment by the NCAA is uncertainty. There is consistency in their inconsistency in rulings. Fairness seems a quaint notion. Contradiction seems the norm.

The NCAA ruling this week denying Notre Dame's appeal of vacating 21 football wins, including all 12 from their championship game season in 2012, seems unfair, and not because it drops the Irish from second all-time in football wins to sixth. Because the punishment seems to far exceed the crime, and it will now dictate how a university dispenses punishment.

Notre Dame punished eight students for allowing a part-time student trainer to assist with their work, recalculating their grades and declaring them ineligible. Had they kicked the students out or didn't punish them at all, an NCAA penalty wouldn't have been imposed.

The NCAA didn't impose a penalty on North Carolina, where students, mostly athletes, took what amounted to bogus classes for nearly two decades. North Carolina argued the NCAA lacked jurisdiction to assess the academic vigor of classes that were available to all students. They should equally lack jurisdiction in all matters regarding academics, leaving that up to the schools.

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