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Several school threats made in the Tri-State days after Florida shooting


Several threats were made on Friday in the Tri-State just days after the deadly school shooting in Florida on Wednesday. 

Two separate threats shared on social media put both Daviess County and Owensboro Public schools on alert Friday morning. 

Daviess County Public Schools Superintendent, Matt Robbins said, "We took added precautions today at Daviess County High School. We had three officers from the sheriff's department."   

Neither of those threats were directly made towards the schools. 

"This was actually posted written as an article by the Washington Post, and other states were also embroiled in the social media hoax," Robbins said. 

Owensboro schools also had a threat spread over social media, never directed at the school system, but caused concerns for both parents and the schools. 

"It just said North students be aware, something may be happening and that was about it. Very vague," said Owensboro Public Schools spokesperson Jared Revlett.

Both schools and law enforcement said at no point in time will they take these threats lightly. The districts are making their children's' safety a number one priority. 

Major Barry Smith with the Daviess County Sheriff's Office said, "It's very important that we provide the comfort but also the school system assists on that and the parents."

Owensboro said some parents took their kids out of school Friday because they didn't want to take a chance.. the school says they understand but hope the parents can trust they do everything to keep the kids safe. 

"They're missing out on class time because their parents want to keep them safe and we totally understand that but it's unfortunate that those kids are missing out on a day of education because of a threat that was a non-issue," Revlett said. 

Both School systems have active shooter training protocols in place. They also have a policy in place that has teachers prepared to shut and lock doors in an emergency. 

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