WAVE 3 News Editorial - February 20, 2018: Move Forward

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Imagine if the University of Louisville had said two years ago they would not just punish themselves for the scandal brought to light by Katina Powell by withdrawing the men's basketball team from the ACC and NCAA tournaments the next month and giving themselves recruiting restrictions, but also vacating all of their victories for the past four years, wiping out their national championship and a Final Four appearance, and paying back at least $600,000 to the NCAA.

Even diehard UK fans would have said they went a little overboard.

But that is exactly what has happened now that UofL has lost their NCAA sanctions appeal in the case.

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Common sense says the actions of the UofL basketball program were repulsive, blatantly violated NCAA rules, and merited severe punishment.

Common sense also says the punishment given is over the top.

The only course forward is to move forward forcefully. Course correct.

Fans are disillusioned and numb. Regain their enthusiasm and regain dignity for the program by winning with impeccable integrity.

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