Crews dive in to clean up Waterfront Park

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An aggressive cleanup of Louisville's Waterfront Park launched Tuesday morning as floodwaters began to retreat.

Park personnel collected a small mountain of debris from the shoreline -- much of it trees, branches and other natural debris.

"We didn't find anything unusual yet," supervisor Alex Laughlin said. "Just your typical logs, sticks and trash. Lots of it."

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A large amount of man-made trash was also collected including plastic containers, bottles, sports equipment and cups.

This is the first serious flooding to hit Waterfront Park since it expanded to its current size of approximately 90 acres. About half of the park was inundated.

Director of Facilities Gary Pepper hopes the water recedes quickly. If the retreat is slow, he said a lot of mud could be left behind, slowing down clean up.

"That's a lot of material to move," Pepper said. "We've got miles and miles of sidewalk."

Much of the park remains underwater. Crews will continue picking up debris as it is revealed while the river recedes.

With massive Derby crowds arriving in just a couple of months, crews are promising to have a big part of the job done in just a couple of weeks.

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