Lamar Jackson getting plenty of attention at NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS (WAVE) - Through most of the college football season, Lamar Jackson didn't seem to get as much attention as you would think a defending Heisman Trophy winner would get.

As the NFL Draft approaches, Jackson has taken center stage here at the NFL Combine.

"No team has asked me to play wide receiver," the former UofL quarterback said. "I don't know where that comes from. I'm strictly a quarterback."

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Jackson has been called the most dynamic quarterback to come into the draft since Michael Vick, so why on Earth are some analysts calling for him to move to wide receiver?

"I work with Bill Polian at ESPN, and he said this a couple of weeks ago -- and talking to him off the air about it -- he said, 'Look, what I'm saying is, if he's ultimately to be a wide receiver, then he should do it now as opposed to waiting four or five years, because he's going to be behind the eight ball in that transition,'" Dan Graziano said.

A move Jackson made perfectly clear -- he's not making.

"Whoever like me at quarterback, that's where I'm going," Jackson said. Adding, "you know, that's strictly my position."

Graziano agrees: "You consider yourself a quarterback, and you've been a good one -- be a quarterback."

Lamar has also gotten plenty of attention for coming to the combine without an agent.

"I decided I don't need him. He's going to be taking a big cut of my paycheck anyway, and I feel I deserve it right now," Jackson reasoned.

It's a move that former NFL quarterback, Brady Quinn, said is not that big of a deal.

"You know, it was different back when I was drafted," Quinn said. "A completely separate scenario. There's much more things to be negotiated and bargained for. Now, it's just the signing bonus and offset language."

Since arriving in Indianapolis, Jackson said he's already talked to a number of NFL teams, including the Super Bowl Champion, Philadelphia Eagles.

Quarterbacks will work out for the scouts on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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