Henryville Schools reopen after employees contract Hepatitis A

Henryville Schools reopen after employees contract Hepatitis A

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Hepatitis A outbreak is impacting the jail, restaurants, and schools in southern Indiana.

Henryville schools closed Friday after the district confirmed two workers had Hepatitis A, a disease of the liver. The schools reopened on Monday, with students using a snow makeup day.

Working with the state, West Clark Community Schools had a 20 person crew inside the Henryville campus on Friday scrubbing the buildings with bleach from top to bottom.

Hepatitis A spreads in Clark County: Inmates infected, school closes

"I was kind of worried because of the kids," said Tiffany Gilbert, a Henryville parent. "We had a hard time of getting a hold of doctors. Because they were like, 'Everyone needs to call their doctor.'"

According to the superintendent, the infected employees did not come into regular contact with students and were last on campus on February 28.

Like most Henryville students, Erin Kelley's daughter got the Hepatitis A vaccine.

"I dug up her shot records and found that she has been vaccinated so that was a big relief," Kelley said.

About 60 other students didn't get the shot.

The incubation period for the virus can last from 14 to 28 days. Health officials said its common for people to spread Hepatitis A before realizing they have it.

The symptoms for hepatitis A can vary and it can be transmitted a number of ways. West Clark Community Schools outlined what parents should look out for in a letter. Click here to find it on their Facebook page.

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