WAVE 3 News Editorial - March 29, 2018: Kentucky Legislative Session

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Hundreds of hours of work by Kentucky legislators has gone into making the pension system solvent and sustainable for teachers and state workers. Now there are just three days left in the 60 day session of the Kentucky legislature.

What was initially planned for a special session prior to the session may now turn into a special session following. We hope it doesn't come to that and a deal can be reached in this regular session.

We applaud lawmakers and the Governor for tackling this very challenging issue and urge both to demonstrate the leadership needed to close the deal.

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We also hope the Senate takes a more favorable look at the House budget bill to reach a final deal on the budget for the Commonwealth for the next two years. Difficult choices were made by members of both bodies and strong leadership is needed here as well to iron out the differences and pass a budget that does raise revenue and eliminate some spending.

Both need to happen.

The pension reform bill and tax bills are intertwined. Action must be taken on the pension bill to make sure budget changes are not overwhelming to city and county governments and school districts.

What began as a promising session may end a dismal failure if the final three days are not driven by strong leadership.

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