Five Questions on Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods

Five Questions on Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods
(Source: WAVE 3 News)
Lue Ahmed recently opened Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods in Nulu. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Lue Ahmed recently opened Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods in Nulu. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - I must admit, I didn't know that acai bowl spots were such a big trend in many cities, and that Louisville didn't have many of them. But Lue Ahmed, who moved to Louisville from Lexington, is hoping to spread the word.

He recently opened his first location of Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods in Nulu at 808 E. Market Street and he's hoping it's a hit.

They offer smoothie and acai bowls packed with healthy extras like strawberries, bananas, and nuts. Acai is apparently good for quite a few things, which Lue tells us about below.

Here are my five questions with Lue Ahmed, the founder of Lueberry Acai Bowls and Super-Foods.

1) What do you offer at your place?

We have three bowls, and six smoothies, and what we call SuperToasts. Nearly every ingredient is fresh and honest. We don't use any ice or added sweeteners. Our acai and pitaya bowls are the favorite, and we have a PB&J smoothie, as well as pink guava and blue majik.

2) I see you offer a lot of acai in your items. What is this good for?

We use acai berries as the base to our East Market Acai Bowl, and our Peanut Butta Jelly Time, which is the PB&J smoothie. Like many superfoods, acai is good for digestion, skin health, promotes heart health, boosts energy, supports in weight loss, and so much more. It can be so hard to get kids to enjoy healthy stuff, but kids come into Lueberry and absolutely love our PB&J smoothie and the Khaleesi Pitaya Bowl.

3) If I'm a first timer, what do you suggest I order?

Everyone should try the classic East Market Acai Bowl, but for folks who love something a little more sweet and tangy, the Khaleesi Pitaya Bowl is a crowd favorite.

Our avocado toast is simple so the avocado is the star, and our Wrinkle Blaster smoothie has pink guava and collagen and has been our big unexpected hit.

4) Why did you choose the Nulu location?

I love this question. At first I was so convinced on a different neighborhood, even though I loved Nulu. But once I found this location, I just knew I had to grab it. Then as we signed the lease, we got to see the new hotels begin construction and more energy each month. So we're really, really glad to be part of this Nulu Renaissance.

5) What were you doing before Lueberry?

My background is in agriculture and economics, and I spent some time in Chicago and California. I've just always had a passion for food and entrepreneurship. So when I moved to Louisville, I knew I was going to either open an Italian restaurant or an acai bowl cafe. One down!

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