The Main Crusade Focus: The Altar Call

The message from Dr. Graham is simple, a personal plea that he calls "an opportunity from God" for thousands to make a commitment to Christ.

On Thursday, the first night of the crusade, 1,600 people left their stadium seats on a quest to be saved, born again, and connected to Christ.

The walk down was just the first step. At least one counselor greeted each newcomer with a little prayer and much discussion. It's a line of support that doesn't end in one night.

Graceland Baptist Church Pastor Dan Hall leads a team of 400 volunteers to shepherd new members into the family of Christ. "It's like a midwife. We feel like we're here for the birth, but we're putting them into a family as well," he said.

Hall said they have a system set up to follow those who've made a commitment: "They are given materials, a book, a tape. Dr. Graham sends them a letter and they are quickly assimilated to the lifeblood of local churches for leadership and fellowship and teaching."

It's a grand opportunity for Christian leaders to speak of the gospel and make a connection that may only come once in this lifetime.

"If you come tonight, tomorrow night, or last night, we're doing everything we can to make sure we don't leave you with just some decisions you made in the middle of a football field," Hall said.

Online Author: Melissa Schantz