LG&E bills take a plunge for some

LG&E bills take a plunge for some
(Source: WAVE 3 News archives)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Many LG&E customers are seeing significant decreases in their monthly utility bills.

For months, WAVE 3 News has reported on disgruntled customers, arguing an unfair LG&E bill as some costs doubled, even tripled throughout Louisville's seemingly endless winter.

This month, many customers continue to feel the shock, but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In the past, LG&E has made it clear that some bills are based on estimations. If a utility worker can't get to a home to read the meter, the company will estimate the bill based on prior history of usage and the current temperatures.

However, one LG&E customer whose bill was $416 last month was charged only $1.67 this month. There have been no major changes to the home, the homeowner said.

This prompted WAVE 3 News to ask LG&E if an estimation one month could be so far off that a customer could enjoy such a drastic decrease the following month?

"In the event that we may have had to estimate a customer's meter in a given month, any difference in the estimated usage and the customer's actual usage is automatically adjusted at the time of that meter being read and is then reflected on their bill," LG&E Media Relations Manager Liz Pratt said.

Other customers have reported to WAVE 3 News that their bills this month are less than half of what they were last month, some even seeing credits on their accounts.

LG&E couldn't speak specifically to any one customer's account because of privacy. However, Pratt said each bill is unique and the company attempts to be as transparent with customers as possible. Therefore, if customers have a question or concern with a bill, they're encouraged to call LG&E as soon as possible.

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