Luke Murray completes Mack's coaching staff

Luke Murray completes Mack's coaching staff

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When Chris Mack got the Louisville head coaching job, fans starting hypothesizing almost instantly about his assistant Luke Murray coming with Mack, bringing famous dad Bill Murray. But as Luke revealed Monday night, he hasn't even talked to his dad about getting a new gig.

The man with the famous family brings humble basketball beginnings with him to Louisville.

Murray grew up loving basketball, watching the New York Knicks, and dreaming of playing high-level collegiate basketball.

"Once it was clear I wasn't going to be a Division I player, which was kind of my goal and hope growing up, focused in a little bit more on coaching," Murray said.

Murray's hard work and high basketball IQ landed him a job as Director of Operations for a small Connecticut school, from which he's worked his way up to now an assistant coaching job in the highest level of college basketball.

A reserved speaker, Murray's work and the words of his fellow coaches speak volumes about what he brings to the team.

"Luke is phenomenal at what he does," fellow assistant coach Mike Pegues said. "For a guy who never played at this level,  he's one of the best basketball brains I've been around. He's a relentless worker. All day long he's just working working working, anything he can do to help make your program better. He's very diversified. Great people person, the kids love him. He's a basketball almanac is what he is."

A theme that came up throughout the press conference, was Murray's personability, and relationships with the closest people to him at Xavier, where he coached with Pegues and Mack.

"He has terrific relationships with the players we had at Xavier.," Mack said. "As hard as it was for me to leave Xavier, it was equally hard for Coach Murray because of the time he spent away from the court with our players. And I quickly have noticed he's already beginning to build those relationships here with our guys."

Murray reiterated it was difficult for him to leave, but he's excited about the new opportunity.

"Obviously it's different to leave a place that you're comfortable with and you've grown accustomed to, as I had at Xavier.," Murray said. "A lot of really good people that I have strong relationships with, that's a tough thing to leave. But as I mentioned, I'm excited, and we're all really happy to be here."

He had a foundation with Jordan Nwora after unsuccessfully recruiting him at Xavier. And with Steven Enoch, after hosting him for several official visits at the University of Rhode Island. Murray said he's been spending time getting to know his new players off the court, spending time with them at the dorm or practice facilities, talking to them.

"I think for the most part, these guys are really excited about what's ahead," Murray said. "And being coached by Coach Mack was something that was very appealing to those guys. We started to get that sense right around the time of the press conference. That the kids were excited about what the future holds."

Murray, Mack and Pegues have worked together for several season and bring their experience and friendship to Louisville. With the addition of Dino Gaudio, Louisville basketball has a new, experienced coaching staff ready to lead them into the next chapter of Cardinal basketball.

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