New Indiana law requires heat exhaustion training for coaches

New Indiana law requires heat exhaustion training for coaches
(Source: Brian Winner/ WAVE 3 News)

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - With temperatures starting to warm up, many kids are getting outside to practice their spring and summer sports.   And a new Indiana law is looking to better protect children on those hot days on the field.

Along with training for concussions and cardiac arrest, your child's coach will now be trained on recognizing heat-related illnesses.

Clarksville Athletic Director Jason Carter says this new law on heat related illness training goes hand in hand with that. They keep an on-site trainer to protect kids now but more can be done. Carter said coaches will undergo training every two years, making sure they know how to recognize and better prevent heat related illnesses in student athletes.

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"I think all the education our coaches can get better prepares us to train the kids more efficiently and also look out for their well-being," Carter said.

Having a statewide standard for this will ensure if students do get sick from the heat, everyone on the field will know how to respond and help, he said.

That new law will take effect January 1.

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