Student sends letter to all JCPS teachers supporting them

This is a screenshot of the letter Tilly wrote. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
This is a screenshot of the letter Tilly wrote. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Jefferson County Public School student is making his support for teachers known.

He sent an email to all teachers and staff this week, appreciating their fight for education.

Gabriel Tilly, 16, is a junior at Pleasure Ridge Park High School. Tilly said he knows what teachers do for their students and he believes they deserve their pension.

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"Just for them to be treated as they are not important at all, as if they don't matter, it really hurts me and the teachers," Tilly said. "I just wanted to make them feel like they are loved."

Tilly told us he got emotional writing the letter. He loves school and the teachers who sacrifice so much for their students. Tilly said he got so much support back from teachers that his email crashed.

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He has interest in becoming a teacher.

Below is what Tilly wrote to JCPS teachers:

"I wanted to send out an act of gratitude to everyone who is currently being stressed by SB 151. I could only IMAGINE how much this has affected the morale of teachers district-wide and even statewide. But as a student spokesperson for the students and members of the school community, WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU! We all know that you guys are our leaders, our role models, and our supporters. This bill is detrimental to the ideology of public schools and the futures of any person that wants to go into education. You all are the ones who are on the front lines of everything that we see everyday. But when you all decide to call it a day (after spending hours upon hours at school PAST the bell, spending your own money on supplies, and taking kids underneath you like a mother bird), you have your own family that you have to go home to. You NEED your pension. It's a must. How are you going to sustain yourself and your family a few years from now after Bevin and the other politicians take away your hard-earned money? It's going to be much harder. I'm telling you, teary-eyed as I write this, I love school with all my heart and soul. Any one of you that have talked personally with me knows that I put my everything into school. I love education. I love the thought of going to school and teaching to those who want to learn. But throughout this entire thing, I've seen teachers that are stressed out of their minds. I want to be a teacher, but in what world is it okay for you to be treated as if you don't matter, or as if you're scum, or as if you're not important. It doesn't affect us as much as it does you all of course, but it's affecting us. A very loving social studies teacher gave me this message today, speaking of her conversation with another educator: "I am giving my student's the best history lesson that they can learn. I am showing them that you have to get involved in the political process if you want to make your voice heard, and you have to use your Constitutional right to vote and protest." I want to see this instance in textbooks years from now when I am teaching AP US History.

Whether you call-in sick, take a personal day, or continue to protest in the coming days, I want to encourage teachers to use their Constitutional rights. You guys have shaped me to be the student that I am, and I want to have the same passion and fire for teaching kids to be leaders in the future. We must light a fire under these legislators and demand that we will NOT TAKE ANY LESS THAN EVERYTHING WE ASK FOR.


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