Stray cats being killed near Churchill Downs

Stray cats being killed near Churchill Downs

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – What is killing cats in the streets and alleys near Churchill Downs?

Volunteer Lisa Dages claims to have spent the last four years feeding strays in the area, providing medical care, even spaying and neutering  neighborhood cats. She said many cats have been poisoned and shot recently.

Tuesday afternoon, Animal Control supervisor Adam Hamilton and Animal Control Officer Wes Lega inspected locations around the Lord's Kitchen and Churchill Downs.

"We found no evidence of poisonings or cats being shot in the area, " said Teeya Barnes, Louisville Metro Animal Services Public Information Specialist. "Animal Control spoke with several neighbors today, who pointed out the home where the dogs frequently run loose and attack neighborhood cats. "We will follow up with the owner of the dogs."

Until recently, Dages said she was caring for about 30 cats at different feeding stations around the neighborhood. She said 10 are currently missing and 8 others have been found dead.

Dages said the bodies did not show signs of a dog attack.  She said the most recent was on Friday.

"He was laid out right there," Dages said as she pointed to a spot near where she normally feeds the cats. "And I just started screaming. I know it sounds silly, but I love every one of them. They all have names. These are my animals. These are my babies. Everyone in this neighborhood, well not everybody, but there's a lot of people in this neighborhood that loves these cats."

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