Louisville's Carlos Dixon Prepares for Bout in the KFC Yum! Center

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   It's another hot day at T-K-O Gym.  The man looking to become Louisville's next boxing legend, Carlos Dixon is putting in work, getting ready for his second professional fight in his hometown hoping for a repeat performance of his pro debut in Freedom Hall.  A first round knockout last June.  "I just felt like I needed to put on a show.  I came out there.  I tried to establish the jab and one thing led to another," said Dixon.

Carlos Dixon's road to a championship is driven by his dad James Dixon, who has watched his gym, TKO Boxing, grow from a garage in the East End to hosting fights at the KFC Yum! Center.  "This is a start for big things.  We need the community to support to step out in front of the KFC Yum! Center," said James Dixon.

Life has been drastically different since that first fight for Carlos.  He won his second pro fight in Atlanta, but was in a scary car accident back in November.  "I had gotten hit by a semi, and it put me in a nice perspective.  You know that life can change at any moment," said Carlos.  "It was very scary.  As a parent, outside of any sport or anything, that's my son first," said James.

Carlos is 100% healthy now, and is ready for his next fight in the K-F-C Yum! Center on April 27th."Actually, I feel like I'm actually a little better than before," joked Carlos.  "It's a dream come true.  It's something that you always think about, you dream about, and it's actually in front of you," said Carlos.

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