How much cash you'll need for Thunder

How much cash you'll need for Thunder
More than 500,000 are expected along the waterfront for Thunder 2016. (Source: WAVE 3 News Archives)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It'll be fun. It'll be exciting. But for a family, Thunder can be costly.

"I tend to bring about 100 in cash but that doesn't count for how much it costs for us to park," Heather Kushner said.

We found burgers cost about $8, sausages $7, soft drinks run mostly between $3 and $6. There is no outside alcohol allowed. Beers cost $7 dollars.

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"That's just festival prices," Dan Bullen, of the Ohio Fair Manager's Association, said. He's worked Thunder for at least 10 years and said prices have stayed about the same.

When it comes to rides, he told us each ticket is $1.50, or you can purchase a strip of 18 tickets for $25. Each ride requires two or three tickets.

"And then we're talking all the toys and the light up things and the swords," Kushner reminded us.

Some vendors, like Dennis Hamilton, offer toys starting at $5. The light up ones run between $10 and $15.

"Now that we've taken credit cards it seems to have allowed people to purchase whatever they like," Hamilton said.

Still not all vendors take cards. Be prepared to pay $5 at an ATM to make a withdrawal. Between the rides, the air show, and the fireworks, Kushner, a mother of two, said her 100 bucks is money well spent.

"The kids have a great time and so do we. So it's worth it," she said.

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