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Authorities investigate Neo Nazi posters found at USI

Investigation at USI (Logo source: Investigation at USI (Logo source:

Authorities are investigating after Neo Nazi posters and a suspicious person, possibly with a gun, were reported at the University of Southern Indiana.

President Linda Bennett sent a message to students, faculty, and alumni asking them to keep their eyes open for anything unusual.

“If you see something, say something,” Kindra Strupp, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at USI urged.

The letter says USI has a good track record of safety, but it's important to be prepared.

“You hear about people dying, you hear about hate shooters and things like that, people coming into supposedly 'safe spaces' and gunning down innocent people because of who they are, who they were born, what they look like, but there's a distance to it," USI senior, Talia Crist said. "When it's happening on your campus, or near your home, there's a sudden reality to it.”

President Bennett says several law enforcement agencies have been investigating over the past few days.

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